Kyn Website Live!

Posted on December 27, 2012

Hello, welcome to the Kyn website.

You have found the blog section of our little site, and this is where the most exciting things happen! Kyn is a game developed by two people, Victor and Cavit. I could give you a lengthy introduction about what Kyn is, but instead I am going to tell you what you can expect from our blog.

Development Updates

If you want to follow what we are working on you can follow the blog, or follow us on twitter or facebook. We are planning to give an update every two weeks, and you can expect updates on programming, art, and game design. At the start it will just be images and texts because I need to buy a stronger rig to run x-split and make videos, don’t worry, you will be listening to our broken English with a strong dutch accent in no time!

Game development

We have been working on Kyn for 2 years now and in that time we have developed a lot of technology that we want to share. We will discuss a range of topics, like how the AI in Kyn is setup, how the Skill System works, but also what my approach is to art and level design.

Being Indie!

Being indie! We are an indie, or independent game development studio. This means that we don’t have a big publisher that is telling is what to do and how fast it needs to be done, but also that we finance the game entirely out of our own pocket. There are a lot of indies out there that do things in very different and interesting ways. I hope I can contribute something to all the knowledge that is already out there and maybe bring some indies on the blog to tell about their experiences.


We will use the blog for testing the game. We will make small parts of the game available to anyone who supports us (hopefully that is you!). This way you can give us direct feedback on a very specific part of the game and we can make sure that Kyn will live up to your expectations. So what kind of tests can you expect:

  • Control tests: Are the controls entirely comfortable for you, what do we need to add so you can play the way you want to play.
  • Puzzle tests: There are many small puzzles in Kyn of the kind that you find in games like Zelda for example (pulling levers, moving parts of the level, opening secret hallways, etc.). The big difference is that instead of solving the puzzle with a single character you have up to 6 warriors that can be placed to solve a puzzle. This makes the puzzles I can design very different and possibly more challenging. You can help me by testing if the puzzles can be solved.
  • Usability tests: Tests to see if the menus and objectives are clear, if everything is easy to use.
  • Balance tests: Are the monsters too easy, or too hard. Are there certain skills that are over powered.
  • Fun!: The most important test of all, you can tell us what parts are the most fun and what parts you want us to improve.

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  1. Westerbly says:

    WOW, that’s a great piece of work you got. The best of luck for you two, the game looks outstanding, specially for a little team like yours.

  2. Richard Lamarre says:

    Will it require you to have a steam account?

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